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Monday, September 17, 2007

More Threats To Venues By Evil Empire/Foyle Is A Poet!/New Shooting Coach

The quest for the Orlando venues is looking more and more annoying. In addition to Darth Rosen's campaign to get voters to overturn the council vote, a Supreme Court ruling might potentially force the Performing Arts Center to go to a vote. This is all highlighted in an enlightening and well written article by Orlando Sentinel writers. This whole situation sucks and really is not worth discussing in length on a Monday...Mondays suck enough as it is. If there are any updates I will be sure to write about them, but its best to sweep this one under the rug until we've all had our coffee.

On to happier news, Adonal Foyle has a website! In it Adonal writes about how excited he is to play for the Magic, and talks in depth about how the Magic were one of the first teams to call him when he got news that he would be available. The fact that the site is called "Foyle's Corner" and has a bunch of different non-NBA related sections is amazing. Check out the latest entry in "Poetry Corner":

"I miss the cocks that shout out loud
Arise, arise you wretched sloth.
The day has dawned and passeth by
Dragging night's drape across the cloud.
I miss the beach, the sand that's pure.
The water that makes the land secure.
Its reef, a quilt with blinding hews,
Adorns the painted mystic view.
I miss the pain I ever hate
Whips and ropes, my haunting fate.
One does not only love the good,
But grows in disdain, misunderstood.
I miss the face of those trusted few.
Whose love was but a weakness too.
Home, illusion of bucolic paradise,
The rosy dew, and stinging lies."

JJ Redick, previous Orlando Magic Poetry Poster Child, just shat his pants.

The prospect of a running blog by Ole Easter Island Head is a great one, as Gilbert Arenas' blog is a source of constant entertainment and having something similar, but Magic themed, would appeal to fans. Waiiiiiiiit a second......(just realized that I just described my OWN website).

And in more sane news, Orlando appears to have a new shooting coach. It would appear that literally every person on the planet has a website, because I actually confirmed it by finding the Official Site of Coach Charles Richardson. Don't be fooled, this site is actually not much more than an online resume, but still nice to check out his credentials. Only when Charles Richardson adds a poetry corner will his site TRULY score big.

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Anonymous said...

so the new shooting coach's credentials are essentially being a decent shooter in college and highschool and working at a few camps... niceee. I say we fire him and just make JJ the shooting coach seems like he as the same credentials anyway