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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Magic Promotions Announced

The Magic released their list of giveaways and theme nights for next season. Topping the list of neat giveaways is a figure of Dwight Howard doing the sticker dunk from last season's All Star game and a Trevor Ariza autograph night. Rounding out the bottom of the list is a "Stuff Soap Dispenser". I love our demented-looking mascot as much as anyone, but this is just a horrible idea. Adults are the only people really to get excited by the prospect of a soap dispenser, and most of them would not want a Stuff one in their home. As for kids, they like Stuff the Magic Dragon, but it is not such a fun thing to play with a soap dispenser. Couple in the fact that this "toy" will cause little kids to chug soap and you have a bona fide failure (or success, if the Orlando Magic organization's objective is to murder children).

If I had to pick one night to attend, it would have to be the game on March 15th. This, dear readers, is "Gospel Night/Bahamas Night". I have NO idea how in the world they are going to marry these two things into one night, but it most definitely will be worth checking out. Maybe a rastafarian Jesus mascot? Perhaps a gospel choir dressed only in bathing suits? -Or maybe they go the safe route and will let you in for free if you have a crucifix and can sing the 4 opening lines of Bob Marley's "Get up, stand up" (I know Bob Marley is Jamaican, but this is nothing but a technicality to Magic brass). Either way, whomever approved the schedule with that on it had something in mind and it's killing me to find out.

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