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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

JJ Redick's Brother Gives Me A New Slogan Idea

Last summer was pretty tough on JJ Redick as he had a bunch of back problems right as he was making the difficult transition to the NBA.

Now, just when JJ Redick thought he might have a summer that wasn't full of drama, September rolled around.

In addition to having to heal up his broken hand, JJ Redick's former girlfriend is now pressing charges against his brother, David Redick. Vanessa Lopez, a woman who I guess dated Redick during his wild, swinging days at Duke, said that David Redick called her repeatedly and said, "You will be sought after, and you should be scared."

I am not one to advocate this sort of behavior. I had a girl stalk me at one point, and let me tell you it was exactly the opposite of awesome. David Redick sounds like he is something of a loser if this is true, which is no surprise since the younger brother who has to eternally live in his brother's shadow usually winds up messed up (I think about 90% of prisons are just chock full of these guys).

That said, I have to say that David Redick's comments completely blow the Orlando Magic's slogan for the upcoming season out of the water.

While "The Time Is Now: Be Bold, Be Blue" has a certain level of swagger and charm to it, you really won't see many people reacting to it. The closest they will come is probably a cracked-out Eddie Griffin Ricky Davis saying, "Yo, so this year the Magic think their time is now, or some crap. Whatever." Also, the whole "Be bold" thing is used by nearly every advertising campaign, including pots containing bananas and human excrement apparently (left).

I think that the Magic should adopt David Redick's slogan. In fact, I am making that the official slogan of the 2007-08 Magic henceforth on this website:

"The 2007-08 Orlando Magic: You will be sought after, and you should be scared."

BAM! How much punch does that pack? Ricky Davis just dropped his blunt and shat himself. I think if we had more of ballsy, intimidating slogan like that people would start to actually acknowledge this forgotten franchise. Even if we stunk, the sportswriters would have a field day with it and the team would get publicity.

I know it would never happen, but I can still dream.

-More than that, I can use the slogan on this website...where dreams become a reality. (cue tinkerbell flying over your computer and flashing you).

Anyone can feel free to use the above image as a signature pic on their message board profile...actually you guys can use pretty much anything on my blog for your own personal use, because I really am too lazy to care about such things.

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