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Monday, August 20, 2007

Foyle To Be Signed By Week's End?

A few sources are reporting that Adonal Foyle might be in a Magic uniform by the end of the week. These sources are the radio station 740 the team, as well as a few message board posters around the internet who claim they have insider information. Word is that the thing holding up the trade is the Magic wanting a one year contract while Foyle wants two.

Seeing as how the options within the Magic's price range this summer are limited to:

1) Adonal Foyle

2) Players that shouldn't even be in the league at this point (I'm looking at you Khandi-man)


3) A ball of lint

- I am happy at the prospect of Foyle potentially coming aboard. He provides our team with a veteran presence down low, and best of all he looks sorta like those statues with the big brows that reside on Easter Island.

Gaining Foyle would mean that we would replace our big man rotation of Howard, Milicic, Battie, and Outlaw with Howard, Foyle, Battie, and Gortat. I am still holding out hope that a deal can be reached for Reggie Evans to further solify that bunch.

Speaking of the Evans trade, I did not include Garrity in that list of big men above since the Magic have been trying to include him in a variety of trade scenarios. The Orlando Sentinel said that it's likely he will play this season in Orlando, but I'm thinking that there are enough teams that want expiring deals to work something out. -Call it the wild optimist in me.
Hopefully we'll hear something soon. Otis Smith should be returning from his vacation any day now so hopefully he gets on the phone and makes something happen.

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